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Why we're here❤️:

Let's make your hard conversations easier

Not many of us want to about race. Or our gender. Especially not in schools. Those conversations are difficult but so essential to the mental health of our teens and society.

Our courses are designed to create connections between class, race, and gender. We do that by telling stories. And allowing students to tell their own stories using a video made on their phone. 

Hilton College-3
St Annes College-2
St Peters College-2
St Johns DSG-2
St Charles College - 2-1
Grace College-1

With world-class video content, class manuals and lesson plans we help your students talk.

How does it work? 

We'll serve in your classroom to create connections


  • Each lesson has a 45 min plan
  • Experts tell stories in video
  • Class discussion leads learning
  • Students learn to make a film using their phones
  • A rubric is included so film project can be marked
  • Course manuals create lasting change 

For 5 years we tested the process above. Today 10 courses are standing by to serve you. 

"There's no better tool to talk about race" 

Meg Needling, St Anne's College, Head of Life Orientation

"Students loved the course. We've made connection our cause".

Kathryn Fannin, 
Deputy Head of Academics, Grace College 

"This content changed my life."

Chris Kingsley, Hilton College, Head of Transformation