Tomfoolery is a tight knit team of visual storytellers. A not-your-average film agency driven by a desire to change the world with all the creative tools- cameras, creativity and honesty- we have to hand.

Our motto? Think / Create / Craft

From the outside Tomfoolery might just look like an agency that is as comfortable and ept at making slick, big-brand commercials as it is raw documentaries but the truth is, we’re something more.

What’s locked up in the very being of who Tomfoolery are is an idea- an honest expression of searching and a hunger for a different way to live life. See, we at Tomfoolery are big believers in being conscious of our place in the world and alongside one another as we do business and make films in a landscape that is ever changing.

We think. We believe in using the unique skills we have gathered as a collective to be truly creative. In making films that go beyond expectation. We create. We believe in making things well. In the detail that is often overseen, in the careful honing of a story brought to life by film. We craft.

Join our storytelling journey. You are so welcome here.