Who We Are

Starting a business is a bit like going for a walk. In the words of Bilbo Baggins, ‘you start down a road and you don’t know where your feet will take you’ (horrible, horrible paraphrase- sorry Tolkien).
Obviously walking, like business, happens for various reasons – recreation, adventure and necessity to name a few. What we are experiencing at Tomfoolery could most readily be compared to an adventure (a buck wild crazy adventure at that). We know in the depth of our heart that we want the to ‘see’ the misty mountains, be wielded as instruments towards world change, touch and release Smaug’s treasure. How we are going to do that is delightfully unclear.

For now all we have is the scenery around us, the road ahead of us, and the mysterious evolution of who we want to be along the way.
It’s the third point that I personally find so deliciously intoxicating. Isn’t it amazing that as humans we get to say who we are and what we want to be? That we were created as powerful individuals, capable of leading our feet to their own unique destination at the pace, dance or hop of our choosing? We’re like these deep, un-mined, cavernous mysteries waiting to be truly wandered – just like Gimli’s glittering caves (beautiful crystal caves that a fictitious dwarf really, really liked – last Tolkien analogy, promise!). We all posses veins of depth, beauty, creativity and love that are waiting to be explored and enjoyed if we are willing to take the time to look.

So, here is what I am thinking – I will share out loud (in 2D obviously) my personal musing and exploration of who we, Tomfoolery, want to be on this buck wild crazy adventure of ours.
Sound good? [Sounds terrifying to me, an introvert who prefers to play it safe, but lets see how we go].


PS: Don’t read into this that I am a Tolkien freak – the post just went that way... Got to be one of the best books ever written though, right?

PSS: If you like Tolkien (which I do but not as much as it sounds like I do) read through Lord of the Rings by focussing on a specific character rather than the entire story and watch the character evolution – amazing! HINT: All that is gold does not glitter.