What Better Way Is There To Grow

Than By Seeing Your Own Imperfection

Who doesn’t like a good kak-ing out? I know I do, especially when it is done in love. What better way is there to grow than by seeing your own imperfections? Last night I got a good, good kak out from my colleague Gabs.

See, I am burnt out. I have lost my edge for production and its madness as a result of being on two or three shoots for over eight years. I have just lost my grace for the stress and rock and roll. My ability to manage myself and those around me has dwindled to an all-time low. I am impatient, worn-out, callous and purely functional. Tomfoolery and all its ideals are a dwindling glimmer. A long-forgotten friend.

After manifesting the above while trying to finish off a particularly stressful job, Gab in all her glory took me out of the office and let me have it in love. Beautiful. The phrase that stands out for me is, “we can still get this done but our way; we don’t need to bend to fear”. It was then that I think I learnt something: Tomfoolery may not be what we do, but maybe how we do it — a process, or a “way”? We walked back into the office, and worked till 10pm. We laughed, ate dinner as a family, drank chocolate milkshakes and raised our finger to the man. We were Tomfoolery. Later I went home tired but full, happy inside that I learnt something new; one step closer to our elusive unicorn.