Why do we always think we are not enough? Why do we always look to others for the answers? Outsiders. Authorities. TV and the creative sector is full of this; full of people willing to put their hands up and show a front. But what matters is substance, end results; not the parlor talk that goes before.

Team is interesting. Team give us a platform to extinguish B.S. Team makes us strong through highlighting weakness and strength. Team takes “acceptable” and makes us exceptional by combining forces into a unified whole. I am sure there have been many many books written on the power of team which all say one thing: if people are willing to pull together in the same direction and submit themselves equally to the process then nothing is impossible for them.

Phew! Nothing is impossible. That sounds good right? I honestly think it’s true, but like all dreams and ideals that shine with gold and glory at first light, what we don’t always see is the actual substance of team. See, team inherently means service. It means no one is above or better than the other. Team means honour; it means people celebrating my strength and weakness equally. Team means I am safe to be me but you are not going to put up with my kak. Team means submission, choosing to buy into a common vision for a common benefit even when it doesn't suit me. I believe if we get those right — service, love, honour, respect, submission and honesty — boom! — nothing is impossible.