Moving In Day

From a very young age I have been in avid pursuit of trout.
I honestly have no clue why. This weird fascination has led me to spend a short lifetime in wild places where it would be just me surrounded by wind and running water. On windless nights next to most dams or quiet streams tiny bugs hatch that spawn clouds of midges and mayflies, millions strong, who dance in delicate orgies only to die minutes later.

Waking up this morning the strangest thought percolated through my brain – ‘I am one step closer to being immortal.’ There was no fear in this flash revelation, it was simple fact. I am dying and I am ok with that. In fact, the beauty of that thought took my breath away- something to do with the mayfly-like fleetingness of life that if embraced is so very, very freeing, wonderful and joyful. It begs the question, if we embrace death in life we are able to live more?

Then, with the thought long gone I headed for the office happily expecting ‘just another day’- completely forgetting that today was moving day. See, we’ve moved into a new office space because we outgrew my small studio apartment when my amazing landlord quietly expressed his concern that his home had unexpectedly become as busy as an airport terminal.

Our new space is a space within a space. We occupy a small prefabricated square on one floor of a five story building inhabited mostly by creatives. How we came to be there is a story in itself worth telling but I’ll leave that for another day.

Walking into our office I was greeted by action. There was painting, hustling, moving, planning, dreaming and ordering. In the capable hands of others far better than myself I saw our business flowering before my eyes, so delicate and fragile and yet ever so beautiful.

There was this whisper of chemical emotion drifting through the air that I would have caught and bottled if I could but not being able to catch it paradoxically also made it so much more beautiful. Possibility roamed around us like a unicorn as we released ourselves to the chance to be more. The sheer etherealness of human life and its closeness to a dream lingered like a fascinating perfume and while doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary I found myself saying ‘I have never had so much fun.’

And so, at the close of a day filled with nothing more than simple, happy dreaming I place this story as a peg in the sands of time, just in case one day on our joyful road to eternity we choose to look back and remember.