The passage of time is a funny thing. Years and months can slip through our fingers in milliseconds and all we’re left with are memories and legacy. Strange. Memories are the more mysterious of the two; they are our internal journal of our ups and downs with a peculiar bias towards being hard on ourselves. Legacy, however, is the focus of this particular piece…

Legacy was never a word I considered until a year ago. It was a strange word, a forgotten word, a word soaked in non-meaning like bespoke and ostensibly; a clever word to be used when you’re feeling stupid. But while pondering it over the past few months, I found meat on this old bone.

Legacy now means to me significance that is sustainable; meaning greater than ego; a picture bigger than just my world; a vision shared and carried by others greater than myself. Legacy means future generations, sharing equally, imparting freely and living for something greater. Legacy means having a common goal, joint vision and bearing equal responsibility. Legacy is the solid, firm, footing on which our children's children will stand. Legacy means impact not just this year but in fifty times fifty years to come. Bring all that lofty stuff down to earth and what are we left with? I don’t know. But if I had to sum it up in a word it would maybe be service? If legacy is the outcome then service possibly is how you get there. It is the result of putting others and the future ahead of yourself and the now… make a bit more sense?
Hope so.